"LADY GAGA CHEATING ON TAYLOR KINNEY?" read the newspaper headline as Taylor read it, his Chicago fire co-stars around also read it and saw the picture, of gaga kissing her co-star of her video at a bar

"Oh my god Taylor,she would never…" Lauren said but was caught off by Taylor

"Oh yea, no go…


It’s done! I finished it. “It should be easy” is complete. I’ll post it later tonight but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek:


«Mama! You’re back!» she jumped in her arms and Gaga hugged her tight. God, she had missed her baby so much; she wasn’t used to let her go for that long. She wasn’t used to let her go at all.
«I am! But…» she looked at Taylor and he winked with a smile, when he got sure Emma couldn’t see him. She cleared her throat, still not completely sure if she was ok with that plan, but she continued anyway: «uhm… I’m not going to stay very long.»